Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Winstrol is a very popular testosterone derived steroid ointment from the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) family available as an oral tablet or for an injectable in the form of Winstrol Depot.

First manufactured by Sterling Winthrop Laboratories in the early 1960’s the active hormone within the compound Stanozolol was given the trade name “Winstrol” and since is common in the anabolic steroid world the first trade name ever given has been the name most escort the steroid.

Although anabolic steroids are normally only present in certain circles some are located across the board in every athletic category imaginable; Winstrol is definately a steroid. Extremely popular in competitive bodybuilding circles due to the use in contest prep Winstrol is also a favorite of performance athletes in baseball, track & field and everything in-between.

Further, because so many anabolic steroids can be very damaging to women, because of nature Winstrol is one of the few steroid drugs that can be safely as used by women as well when used responsibly.

Winstrol Basics

Winstrol is an ester free DHT steroid in the form of a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid (17-aa) form plus an injectable aqueous suspension (suspended in water.) Regarding the oral form the 17-aa alteration simply means altered chemical structure that comes about at the 17th carbon position; without such restructuring the steroid would be useless in oral form.

The 17-aa alteration permits the steroid to survive the 1st pass through the liver after ingestion and absorb in to the blood stream where it gets active; this has both bad and good effects. The good news is once ingested it is going to enter the blood quickly, the bad news can it be will bring about a level of toxicity to the liver as they are common with most oral medications, steroidal and non-steroidal alike.

Concerning the injectable aqueous form the same active Stanozolol hormone is now being used, in that there isn’t a difference. However, the toxicity towards liver will not be as large of your concern with the injectable form as by injecting the medication it goes to work directly and bypasses the earliest pass through the liver completely.

Another significant distinction is in the half-life; injectable Winstrol carries along with it a half-life of approximately Twenty four hours while the oral Winni V form as things are commonly known carries from it a half-life of approximately 9 hours. Essentially that’s a pretty big difference and administration will necessarily change from one form an additional if absolute efficiency shall be met. Muscle Mass

As a DHT based steroid Winstrol is extraordinarily anabolic for slightly androgenic, regardless of the form you decide on this will hold true as will all other traits. Being a powerful anabolic steroid Winstrol greatly enhances protein synthesis via its capability to dramatically increase nitrogen retention inside the muscles all the while possessing no aromatase effects.

The advantages of Winstrol

Most all steroids can supply quality benefits to most any cycle for any purpose; however, most anabolic androgenic steroids generally have one primary purpose and secondary characteristics that could be apt for another cycle. As an example, the powerful steroid Anadrol is needed primarily as a bulking steroid because its nature is best suited for this purpose, however, it does possess traits that is beneficial in a cutting cycle when used properly; this is very common in competitive bodybuilding circles.

Winstrol however is a bit different; while its primary purpose is considered to be a cutting cycle as well as in the aid in athletic performance there’s not much use for this steroid in a bulking cycle as things are not by its mode of action designed to build large amounts of lean tissue. Nevertheless, regarding cutting and athletic performance

Winstrol is usually a fine choice.

The principle benefit(s) revolving around Winstrol are certainly increases in strength this also can relate to physical power, speed and agility; further, as by its nature Winstrol can greatly enhance vascularity and also promote a dryer and harder physique when body-fat is low.

While Winstrol won’t specifically burn stored body-fat, most steroids won’t, it has a very positive influence on this process. Winny is an excellent steroid for preservation purposes during times of a caloric deficit because you should be if you are dieting as well as more lean tissue we can easily hold onto when in this deficit the more your metabolic rate will probably be, thereby leading to a leaner and harder physique.

The Side Effects of Winstrol

Like all products and steroids Winstrol is not without the chance of negative side-effects, however, the end results are often highly overstated and will largely be controlled by responsible use. Individual sensitivity will likely play a role and the extent will vary from one person to another as this is the case operating medications, steroidal and non-steroidal alike.

As discussed, liver toxicity is a concern, especially with the oral form as the oral form is usually a 17-aa steroid. Due to this fact we are going to necessarily limit the whole time of Winstrol to 6-8 weeks each time in order to protect the liver.

However, while use increase liver enzymes, in many all cases your liver will go back to normal levels once me is discontinued and will never experience toxic levels anywhere near what daily having a drink can bring and even regular usage of many over the counter medications.

Beyond liver effects Winstrol does carry with it other concerns, Winstrol can seriously bring problematic conditions for a cholesterol levels as it raises your LDL and reduce your HDL somewhat dramatically. However, out of the box often overlooked healthy eating that is full of Omega Fat can greatly aid in controlling this; no, it does not fix it and prevent your cholesterol from moving but it will keep you in the realm of safety when you are serious and disciplined.

One side-effect many consult regarding Winstrol revolves around the injectable Winstrol Depot form as injections can be extremely painful as is common with water-based steroids. Further, as most receive their Winny from underground labs, as it’s a water-based steroid it is sometimes a breeding ground for bacteria which is one of the most common infections inducing steroids for this problem. For this reason you are going to necessarily need to keep with human grade brands which have been manufactured in a sterile environment.

It must be noted although Winstrol will never suppress natural testosterone production as far as of many other steroids such as Deca Durabolin which will suppress all production after one dose, Winstrol will take about some suppression. Once you couple this with stacking other steroids and extended amount of use Testosterone supplementation was in most cases absolutely necessary.

Winstrol & Women

Most all anabolic steroids can lead to virilization when as used by women (masculine effects.) As its androgenic qualities are low and androgenic characteristics can destroy a woman’s femininity Winstrol together with other steroids such as Anavar and Primobolan are often many women’s first choice.

However, nasty affects may occur when the dose is just too big high and when employed for too long and of course sensitivity should come into play. However, nearly all women can safely and effectively use 5mg-10mg of Winstrol per day for approximately 6 weeks without ill-effects.

If ill-effects begin to show simply discontinue immediately, however, should you show negative signs, force the issue and do not discontinue use you can definitely find the effects irreversible. Although it is not as safe as Anavar in-terms of female use, when used responsibly it is a more powerful choice and quite often welcomed by many female athletes.

Winstrol Cycles & Doses

Most males who use Winstrol will find a dose of 50mg being effective and often all they ever need with 100mg every day being the max anyone can expect to safely use. As injectable Winstrol carries a 24 hour half-life we can effectively administer the steroid on alternate days efficiently, although most will prefer stable daily injections.

As for oral Winstrol, as it’s half-life can be quite short, wherever your dose falls you will necessarily split it into two even doses throughout the day and do so each day while the steroid is being used.

Most can get Winstrol stacks well with simply about any steroid on earth; stacks of Winstrol, Testosterone and Trenbolone are incredibly common among many competitive bodybuilders.

However, whatever your stack may be you will need to keep the duration to 8 weeks in-terms of a standard and safe time-frame; some will safely extend in the 12 week range however this should be reserved for experienced users for once you know how the steroid affects you. As with several anabolic steroid use a post cycle plan will probably be necessary once use is discontinued.

While there are various options the best post cycle plans should include hCG, Nolvadex and/or Clomid. However, some will choose to bridge with Winstrol in-between cycles, however, we simply cannot recommend this practice because you will be suppressing your natural testosterone production with virtually no supplemental form being introduced and this can be very damaging.

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